A better frontline employee experience in one, single platform.

It's time for more streamlined communication across distributed staff, teams, locations, and company-wide. Eko connects everyone in your organization, allowing for communication to happen upwards, downwards, and sideways.

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Empower employees to meet and discuss in the way that suits them best.

Deliver the right messages to the right people.

From top to bottom, transform the way you communicate with everyone in your organization.

Trust by companies across industries

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Eko — the engagement platform for your frontline workforce

A better employee experience in one, single platform.


Empower your distributed employees to work together with ease.

Empower your employees to share best practices, feel connected, and to be recognized. You’ll see a more engaged workforce, boosted employee retention, and stronger operational alignment. Drive the culture that makes your organization unique.

Start The Conversation

Engage and activate your entire workforce.

Deliver the right messages to the right people and optimize your teams. Nurture your employee's journey with targeted communications. Empower them to be remote yet connected, no matter where they are.

Activate Your Workforce

Build trust and great company culture through open communications.

Eko connects everyone in your organization, allowing for communication to happen upwards, downwards, and sideways, leading to a happier, more productive, creative, and engaged workforce.

Connect Everyone

Build the ultimate digital workplace and centralize everything.

Build the ultimate digital workspace by customizing and expanding the Eko platform. Browse and access the third-party integrations of your choice through Eko's marketplace. Consolidate everything you need to cultivate the employee experience in one, single platform.

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Gain data-driven insights into how your employees engage within your organization.

Get the insights you need to help your employees stay happy, healthy, and engaged. Set them up for success so that they are ready to deliver from the frontlines.

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“Having to pull out a 150-page manual and read through it is daunting. Now staff can just pull out their iPhone and learn in their own time, and I think that’s fantastic.”

Omar Chagani — Managing Director of Costa Coffee Soar Group

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“The powerful collaboration in the software also exists in Eko’s management culture, which works hand in hand with companies to build the best product for them.”

Tony Fernandes — Group CEO at AirAsia

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"With Eko, we are sure that our guests are having a great experience — from the very first moment they check in. Eko guarantees that our staff react fast and professionally to all our guests needs."

Markus Schneider — General Manager at U Sathorn Hotel

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“I am immensely proud of how quickly our IT and human resources teams responded to the task of ensuring everyone was kitted out to work from home, but also made sure that individual staff still felt connected and a vital part of the ESP Group. We place a high value on staff wellbeing, so we have ensured that we have a virtual check-in area.”

Theresa Slevin — CEO of ESP Group

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"Eko has become the primary way we collaborate with our thousands of associates.”

Bev Dribin — SVP, Marketing & Communications

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"Eko is the single most important tool that helped to digitize our organization and the way we do business."

Adipat Chaichanasakul — Director of HR Development & Innovation at True

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We now live in an
employee-experience work era.


of employees say having technology that helps them do their job efficiently affects their work satisfaction.


Employees who feel their company fosters an inclusive culture are 3.2x more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.


of employees say training and development is the company's most important policy.

A better employee experience in one, single platform.


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Employee Empowerment and Growth

Support and fuel empowering interactions between managers and their teams.

  • Validation and recognition
  • Goal setting
  • Manager performance dashboards
  • Feedback platform

Organizational Transparency

Build trust and great company culture through open communications.

  • Announcements
  • Enterprise social network
  • Content management
  • Surveys
  • Profiles and Directory
  • In-app translation

Workplace Productivity

Equip your staff with the right tools to do their best job, on their own or in a team.

  • Chats with topics
  • Calls and video conferencing
  • Task management
  • Project collaboration
  • Portal
  • Workflows
  • QA and Help bots

Performance Analytics

Prioritize employee personal development and support their growth with comprehensive staff analytics and insights.

  • Performance and 360 reviews
  • Daily logs
  • Feedback analysis
  • Blindspot analysis

Trusted by companies across industries

Organizations are using Eko to create a great employee experience

Eko is leading the digital transformation

The number of people who work from home has increased by 140% since 2005.
Here’s why Eko stands out as the go-to solution:

We are experts in employee experience

We partner with industry experts, from hospitality to HR, to get first-hand insight into industry-specific challenges that our digital solution can address.

We operate as a digital partner

We work with you to ensure excellent implementation, smooth onboarding, and high adoption rates.
Eko’s adoption rates are much higher compared to industry norms for employee software.

Our technology has proven its high ROI

Eko creates a long-term positive impact on your business — savings on employee turnover and absenteeism costs, and more.

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Getting started

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We are currently offering special packages to companies in the service sector who are heavily impacted by COVID pandemic. Contact us to learn more about the special offer.

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