3 ways to ace your internal communication game

Here are three ways on how you can improve your internal communication to boost employee engagement in your workplace.

August 14, 2020
Angelique Parungao

Internal communication is a critical factor when it comes to engaging employees. However, most businesses fail to realize its full potential. A report found that only 21% of businesses have formal internal communication plans, while 74% of employees globally feel they miss out on important company information due to poor internal communication.

When used effectively, it can help create a good relationship between employees and employers by ensuring that they are on board with the same values and goals of the company. When employees are connected, they are 20-25% more productive at work, which unlocks the potential to increase company’s profits by 21%. Here are three ways you can improve your workplace communication strategy and increase employee engagement in your organization.

Personalize your communication

With today’s workforces being hugely diverse, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to communicating with your employees anymore. You’ll find that employees respond to messages in the format and target group that most resonate with them. Using a bespoke internal employee platform is a good starting point to this, where employees can have a central point of communication that allows for a variety of communication channels. That way, teams can utilize everything ranging from digital project boards to video conferencing to communicate ideas effectively in the style that suits them best. On top of that, create tailored group chats to share information to specific groups of people, or build interest-based communities where like-minded staff can collaborate and connect.

Make it visually appealing

According to a study, an estimated 65% of people worldwide are visual learners—meaning they retain information faster when presented visually, rather than through text or verbal presentations alone. Also, injecting more elements, aside from text, to your communication can make work and getting information more fun for your employees. For example, instead of sending text-heavy emails for important updates, you can use an employee tool that can broadcast announcements with eye-catching banners or attach videos, ensuring employees see and acknowledge your messages. You can also make use of fun polls and surveys to get feedback from them, as opposed to using traditional suggestion boxes or physical forms that often get overlooked.

Communicate instantly

One of the factors to high employee engagement is timely and efficient recognition and systems. Based on a survey, 69% of employees agreed that quick feedback from their managers motivates them to work harder. And with almost 80% of today’s workers are deskless, tools that are accessible via mobile phone can help you reach out to your remote employees and frontline staff in real time, ensuring that no one falls out of the loop from the delays of offline channels. Features such as chat, video, and voice calls enable you to connect with your employees whenever and wherever, while digital workflows and online task management features enable instant task delegation and completion on the go.

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