Captivate employees virtually with live media

Build employee engagement with immersive live communications for announcements, updates, and events.


Surround yourself with teammates even when dispersed.

Interactive communication features that engage employees

Add interactive livestreaming powered by video APIs as another way to communicate with your entire organization. Let employees interact with your livestreams in real-time using emojis, stickers, or thumbs up to messages, posts, and comments.


See which teammates are online and start a conversation with them at the press of a button.


Create topic-based hubs for lively discussions and interactions that recreate the social areas in your office.


Meet and discuss in the way that suits you best.

Get the word out

Broadcast important announcements live to your entire organization in a personable way. Employees receive notifications when a livestream has started, but livestreams can also be recorded and saved for those who missed it as well.

Excite employees with live, virtual events

Captivate your employees with memorable virtual events, from workshops to special guest speakers, and allow them to participate remotely along with their peers from within your organization.


Replace All-Hands and team meetings with instant announcements that reach all team members at once.

Voice and video calls

Take meetings out of the meeting room with high-quality conference calls to keep everyone in sync while remote.


Collaborate and create together from anywhere.


Retain visibility into task and project progress across the team, and boost accountability with clear task delegation.


Collaborate on projects in real time: co-edit contents, attach images and files, invite team members and stay up to date.


Create workflows for tasks and admin forms that can be assigned for multi-stage approvals, ensuring seamless operations.

Knowledge sharing

Access all the tools and resources you need in one place.


Share workplace documents, policies and projects in a centralized way for easy access and updating.


Link useful external links or integrate existing software to collate all the resources you need into one place.

Build Your Next Generation Employee Experience

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